Cataract surgery by Dr. Grayson involves 24 distinct steps to ensure you get the best possible vision outcome. In laser cataract surgery, a femtosecond laser is employed to help with 3 of the most critical steps: making the initial incision in the eye, accessing the capsule where the cataract is, and breaking up the cataractous lens. Dr. Grayson may also use this laser to create arcuate incisions to correct astigmatism, a more accurate method than previously performed by hand.

Dr. Grayson often uses the computer-assisted laser system to form the most precise circular opening, which will always be more uniform in shape than what can be achieved using a manual technique. After the circular opening is created, the femtosecond laser will be used to fragment the lens, in place of the ultrasound instrument traditionally used for this purpose.

Dr. Grayson will advise you whether the precision of the laser is preferred, based on the anatomical access to your eye, and the sensitivity of lens placement based on the implant you’ve chosen. Laser cataract surgery is not always required, but can improve the precision of certain parts of the surgery, and possibly provide better safety in some situations.

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Precision Cataract Surgery

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