Vision After Cataract Surgery

Once you decide to move forward with cataract surgery, you will choose to replace this clouded lens with either a traditional single-focus (monofocal) lens or a lifestyle lens implant that provides a fuller range of vision ( multifocal lens ).

Traditional monofocal implants provide clear vision at a single focus point, usually in the distance. Newer advanced lens implants provide a fuller range of vision, improving sight at near, intermediate and distance ranges. Most patients who choose a multifocal lens do so because they’d like to be free of glasses the majority of their day.

Understanding Lens Implant Options


A monofocal or single-focus lens is designed to provide clear vision at a single distance point. This means you will be able to see objects far away, but will need glasses for reading and any type of close, detailed work. However, if you have astigmatism, a monofocal lens will not provide clear distance vision and you will likely need glasses for all distances.


Astigmatism is a common condition where your eye is out-of-round, shaped more like a football than a basketball. Your vision is potentially affected by two types of astigmatism — corneal and lenticular — and we can correct both with advanced astigmatism-management treatments.

Studies show that 40% of patients who have lens replacement surgery also need to correct astigmatism in order to achieve their best vision. There are two ways we correct astigmatism during lens replacement. The most advanced method uses a Toric lens implant. For those patients who suffer from astigmatism so pronounced that they are outside the power range of the Toric lens, we recommend a combination treatment of lens replacement and relaxing incisions that delivers both improved vision and astigmatism correction.


Traditional lens replacement provided only one focal point — distance — leaving you dependent upon reading glasses or bifocals after cataract surgery. Recent advances in multifocal technology now make it possible for you to read magazines, newspapers, tablets and handheld devices, without magnifying glasses or bifocals, while still clearly seeing objects at mid-range like the dashboard or your food, while also enjoying great distance vision for day and nighttime activities.

Lifestyle Lens Implants

As we age, our vision can seem to fail us.  We need more light, we hold things further away, nightime glare or the inability to focus up close cause us to give up driving or favorite hobbies.  Many think this is simply an unfortunate part of aging.  However, Lifestyle lens implants have allowed people to turn back time, truly and permanently.

TECNIS Multifocal

The TECNIS multifocal lens uses concentric zones to create fuller-range vision. Manufactured by Advanced Medical Optics, the Tecnis lens offers patients high-quality day or night fuller-range vision. Its unique design gives patients superior near vision and rapid reading speed.

TECNIS Symfony

TECNIS Symfony uses the same materials and overall design as the TECNIS multifocal IOL, but provides an extended depth of focus (EDOF) when implanted in both eyes. The Symfony also has astigmatism correction directly engineered into the multifocal IOL, allowing an unparalleled level of vision clarity and crispness at mid-range through distance.

Acrysof RESTOR

The AcrySof ReSTOR multifocal lens provides good vision at all distances. Alcon’s patented technology combines the strengths of apodized ,diffractive and refractive technologies which are similar to the technology used in the Hubble telescope, providing good vision near and far.

TECNIS, Symfony and ReSTOR Multifocal IOLs are proven to improve near, intermediate and distance vision in FDA clinical trials. These advanced lens implants provide excellent vision quality to those weighing the importance of effortless vision at multiple focus points without glasses in living daily life.

Dr. Grayson will discuss which lens will best match your vision needs during your Cataract Evaluation.

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