Our Surgical Counselor Explaining Lens Replacement Results

Lens Replacement Results

When you have cataracts, you want to understand what improvements to expect in your vision after cataract surgery. Your vision after cataract surgery will depend on several factors, but your lens implant selection will be a key factor. Patients who select a multifocal or accommodating IOL, such as ReSTOR, Tecnis or Crystalens generally enjoy a greater range of clear vision without glasses, particular at reading distances.

reading vision after cataract surgery

Most people choose the upgraded multifocal or accommodating lens replacement because they want to spend more of their day without glasses. The chart below shows the percentage of time our own patients say they need glasses for near, mid-range and distance tasks after lens implantation, as reported in our Lens Satisfaction survey.

Glasses Wear After Cataract Surgery at Eye Care Northwest in Sparta, NJ