Why Not Let Today Be The Last Day You Need Glasses!

Although you may have been dealing with the hassle of glasses and contacts for most your life, you’ve now reached an age where you can make a permanent improvement in your vision.

LASIK is an easy, extremely successful procedure that can eliminate your need for glasses and/or contacts in a single day. We use the Intralase and VisX lasers, allowing us to treat a wide range of prescriptions, and deliver results that are often better than 20/20.

PRK is a procedure similar to LASIK, although it is generally offered to those who have high prescriptions, thin corneas, or a profession that requires a “no-flap” procedure. Although healing time is a bit longer, the vision results are comparable to LASIK. Learn more about PRK.

Phakic Lenses are implantable contact lenses (ICLs) that sit in front of the natural lens in the eye.  ICLs are a great option for few patients who have prescription levels too high to be treated with LASIK.  These lenses provide excellent vision and can be removable.  If interested in this technology, Dr. Liegner will provide more information about Phakic IOLs during your initial consultation.

Glasses and Contacts will always remain a viable option for those who are nervous about the thought of vision surgery, or simply like the style and comfort that glasses and contacts provide. We offer routine eyecare visits, and an amazing selection of frames, lenses, sunwear and contacts at four conveniently located optical centers in communities around Sparta. Schedule your eye exam today.

If you’d like to learn more about your permanent vision options, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Liegner today.