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3/26/2016, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: Dr. Liegner is an expert in his field. He performed my LASIK surgery, coaching me through the entire procedure. It was evident that he truly cared about my progress and wellbeing. The staff at Eye Care Northwest were also excellent. I would recommended Dr. Liegner and Eye Care Northwest to anyone!

3/15/2016, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hess in Dr. Liegner’s office for years and have always appreciated she and the staff. After 35 years of contact lenses use, I wanted to explore LASIK. Dr. Liegner and his entire staff were phenomenal from consult, pre-op, surgery, and follow-up. They didn’t oversell the procedure. Rather, they were very thorough in explaining my options, allowing me to make an informed decision. I would recommend them to other patients.

2/27/2016, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: Two years ago, I had my first cataract extraction done on my left eye, by an out of area doctor using the Femto Laser method who came highly recommended. I had a Tecnis multi-focal lens implanted, and needed to put drops in my eyes for 30 days following surgery. The experience was good, but I found the travel was inconvenient, the drops a hassle and the time it took for my eye to clear and adjust longer than I expected. Additionally, I had a feeling of scratchiness in the eye for a couple of days and was told my eye looked slightly swollen. That afternoon I received a call from a staff member, asking me if all was ok. Within a week all sensation of the scratchy feeling had gone, but the drops continued on for 3 additional weeks. Within a months everything was back to normal and sight was great!

Last month I needed my right eye done and decided to have Dr. Liegner preform the surgery. He had come highly recommended. He used the traditional method of extraction with his dropless technique implanting a Tecnis multifocal lens. I found my recovery was much quicker, so much so, that within a day I was completely forgetting that I had the surgery done the day before… no scratchy feeling, no swelling. Within hours, I was feeling and seeing out of the eye clearly. That evening Dr. Liegner personally called to see how I was doing! The next morning I went to work, completed 8 hours of design work on the computer. It was like nothing had been done to the eye, except for the fact that my sight was great now.

Overall both surgeries went well, but I feel that my overall satisfaction and quality of complete experience as well as overall costs were all superior with Dr. Liegner. As a designer my eyesight is critical. I put quite a bit of time researching and comparing the two methods, both from an expense as well as a success point of view and after a month can honestly say my experience at Eye Care NorthWest and Dr. Liegner was the superior of the two surgeries overall. I could not be happier!

2/23/2016, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: I couldn’t be more thrilled, Dr Liegner is wonderful. I am writing this post op, without any glasses and I AM THRILLED! The results are exactly as described, TRACY IS AWESOME.
No question went unanswered. The staff and he ARE GREAT. Dr. Liegner’s professionalism was only matched by the warmth of he and his staff.
I left at ease and was confident I had come to the right place for such a sensitive and life changing procedure.

2/18/2016, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: I had an excellent experience with my laser eye surgery at this office. Everyone was incredibly friendly and professional, not to mention their bedside manner was fantastic during the procedure. If this doesn’t look like something you can afford, I would recommend to ask them about any upcoming promotions. I was able to take advantage of a great deal, and I couldn’t be happier. Recovery time was minimal and I was out and about in my normal lifestyle in no time.

2/8/2016, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: There is no better ophthalmologist than Dr. Liegner. The office is a beautiful new (2015) world class state of the art ophthalmological medical science facility. Excellent knowledgeable administrative staff that will explain the insurance plans you have. Especially good for new patients.

1/21/2016, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: I have been a patient of Dr. Liegner and his wonderful staff for several months now. During this time I had a very thorough eye exam, cataract surgery on both eyes, a “posterior capsulotomy” to remedy some clouding of the lens capsule which sometimes occurs after cataract surgery, and Lasik surgery. According to Dr. Liegner, I have had just about all the services that are offered by his practice! My experience with all the procedures was great. And the results in terms of my vision (both distance and close up) are outstanding. I’m not afraid to drive at night any more, and I can read in bed without glasses. I’m delighted with my new look and with my super easy eye care routine. Thank you Dr. Liegner and everyone at the office and surgical center.

10/21/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: Talk about being nervous about Cataract Surgery – That was me – I have heard outstanding reviews from others who went to Dr. Liegner and told me that I would be amazed – Well a Thumbs up for Doctor Liegner and wonderful caring staff – I have a new lease on Life – My Eyesight is Great – The who experience was Pain Free and pleasant! I highly recommend Dr. Liegner and will tell my Friends! for sure! I can only say a big THANK YOU! 🙂

08/22/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: My husband and I have been going to Dr. Liegner for years and have always been pleased with our care. Recently I was informed of a need to remove my cataracts. My mother and some of my friends had Dr. Liegner perform their cataract surgeries and were very pleased with the professional care and TLC they received. Knowing this I was quite confident things would also go well for me. From the initial packet containing information pertaining to the surgery, often asked questions, and pre-surgery instructions to the follow-up instructions and care, I felt assured everything would be fine. The day of surgery I was a bit anxious, but was reassured by the staff and Dr. Liegner all would be fine. It was! No pain, lots of TLC and the best part, I now see the world in high definition. How exciting is that!!

08/15/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: Dr. Liegner and his staff are wonderful, kind, considerate and patient. I chose Dr. Liegner after looking at his background, schooling and experience. I was impressed with his credentials and felt comfortable and confident, having my LASIK surgery done by Dr. Liegner at Eye Care Northwest. I could have had my surgery at no cost, through my insurance company if I went to a LASIK Center they recommended, but felt my eyes were worth more than money and chose to pay Dr. Liegner, rather than get the surgery for free. I couldn’t be happier with the results, and the surgery was a piece of cake!

07/14/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: My recent Cataract surgery by Dr. Liegner was a complete success. The whole experience from start to finish was impeccable. The procedure was fully explained and the scheduling went without incident. My friends were quite surprised when I told them “no drops”. I am thrilled with the results – no more contacts.

07/10/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: Dr. Liengner and staff are excellent! They are professional, compassionate and through. I have been a patient for over seven years. I am blessed to have found such a wonderful doctor.

07/07/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: I have been a patient of Dr. Liegner’s for many years. A few years ago, I came to him with an eye infection that had caused severe scarring of the corneas. Dr. Liegner began an aggressive treatment plan and thanks to his knowledge, care and concern I have been able to regain my vision. Although, we continue to monitor my vision closely the services provided by he and his staff is outstanding. Always greeted with a friendly smile. New office is State of the Art. Highly recommended Dr. Liegner and Eye Care Northwest to all they no me by name when I call to make appointments and are always available for emergencies. Great office hours.

06/29/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: Recent cataract surgeries went without any problems. From first visit at the office, was relieved at the caring and attention, friendliness and professionalism of the staff and Dr. Liegner. Scheduling is very professional and there is never a long wait to be seen.
Surgeries were well explained, were performed as expected. And no drops! Surprised and pleased that Dr. Liegner personally, not the staff contacted me post surgeries, It was all very reassuring.
Eyesight is great, distance glasses are gone. Pleasure to not be wearing glasses! Have highly recommended Dr. Liegner to friends.

06/8/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: Trusting someone to do eye surgery on you can be stressful. Walking in Dr. Liegner’s office I was immediately at ease with his wonderful staff! I had cataract surgery and it is truly amazing that there is no pain, no bandage, no bleeding, and by the next day my near-sightedness was now perfect vision and No eyedrops required after surgery!
Dr. Liegner is calm and confident. He is truly a gift to his clients.

05/31/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: About 6 years ago I went to Dr. Liegner for surgery due to glaucoma. I was very impressed with his knowledge. I was so afraid that I would eventually lose my eyesight. Dr. Liegner’s confident, calm, and reassuring manner took away the fear. The surgery itself was really incredible. Didn’t feel a thing and it was over so fast I didn’t even realize the surgery was done.
A couple of months ago my husband was told he needed cataract surgery. So of course he went to Dr. Liegner. He was really nervous but as soon as he met Dr. Liegner he calmed down. Came out of the surgery and said it was a piece of cake. The surgery and recovery went exactly the way Dr. Liegner said it would. He has 20/20 vision again. It doesn’t get any better than that.

05/30/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: Extremely pleased with the ease and comfort of the surgery on both eyes and the healing process, as well as the professional attention given by Dr. Liegner and the entire staff. I knew 2 yrs ago that if anyone were to do do my cataract surgery, it would be him, but it still took me that long to go for it. I’m very glad I did. I have exactly the vision I asked for. Even the YAG photo laser procedure was a super quick,easy adjustment (sometimes required a while after original surgery if vision still appears to be slightly foggy). My vision is clear and brighter, even better than before. ManyThanks, Dr Liegner, and all your staff at Eye Care Northwest!

05/29/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: Dr Jeffrey Liegner was so kind and professional and knowledgeable. I was greeted in a friendly manner. My Questions were considered and answered. I had cataract surgery in both of my eyes.
Wow, what a difference! I will recommend Dr. Jeffrey to anyone who has any eye problem. He makes you feel comfortable.
He lets you know the best option to take. He cares.

05/07/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: I recently visited Eye Care Northwest upon recommendation of my regular eye doctor.  My son had an awful eye situation that needed attention.  The office staff went above and beyond to get us a visit without having to wait a month.  Upon arrival we were welcomed and barely waited 10 minutes.  The staff was friendly and personable and put us both at ease.  Dr. Liegner saw us and fixed my son up in no time.  He and his assistant were supportive and informed us of each step of the procedures as it was done.  Dr. Liegner talked to us, not at us and was the epitome of what one should look for in a doctor.  I am grateful that this experience was easy and comfortable.  My son’s prom pictures will look great!!!!

04/21/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: ***Awesome*** My experience was Awesome from start to finish. I had cataract surgery on both eyes. Dr. Liegner explained the procedures very thoroughly along with everything that would take place before and after the surgery. There were no surprises so no stress or fear. I was still a little nervous totally without cause. Dr. Liegners Technicians are very knowledgeable and comforting. The Office staff is professional and friendly. If you have any questions regarding eye care, eye surgery and or LASIK you should ask. They will have the answers. **MOST OF ALL I CAN SEE CLEARLY (YEAH)** No eye wear or contacts. Thank you Dr. Liegner.

04/11/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: I had lasik here. Excellent experience.  Great people and service.  I can see really, really well.  No more asking my wife to find my glasses after I take out my contacts.

03/25/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: My husband and I both came to Dr. Liegner’s office for LASIK surgery. We cant express enough, how happy we were with the experience. The staff was super friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. The building is meticulous. The surgery itself was so quick and painless we were left thinking  “was that IT?” At first my husband was gifting the eye surgery to me for my birthday, but after I told him how awesome the place was, he decided to arrange to have his own LASIK done the same day. Tracy made a special presentation to me (for my husband) during my consultation visit. This team really goes above and beyond in all aspects. I would highly recommend anyone considering this procedure to visit this office before making a decision to go elsewhere. I’m sure you will be satisfied.

03/23/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: I have been seeing Doctor Liegner for approx. 20 yrs. His care & the attention of his staff has always been exceptional!

Recently I needed to have Cataract Surgery. Although I had complete trust in Dr. Liegner I was quite nervous. Both Dr. Liegner & his staff were very understanding & calming. It was painless & fast. Just like they told me. The following week when my second eye was done it was a piece of cake!

I am forever grateful to have my 20/20 vision again. I would highly recommend My Eye Doctor, Jeffrey T Liegner to anyone!

BTW: My husband had this same surgery a few years ago & he’s still thrilled
with his results.

03/19/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: I recently had LASIK surgery after wearing glasses for almost 40 years. It was a great experience and Dr Liegner and Tracy made me feel confident and comfortable about making the decision to do it. Their explanation about the surgery was very thorough and they answered all of my questions. The staff was professional and caring. The surgery was pain free and results were almost immediate. Thanks for a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend using Dr. Leigner and his staff to family and friends.

02/20/2015, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: I recently had LASIK surgery at Eye Care Northwest. It was, by far, the best experience I could have hoped for. I had been wearing glasses/contacts for almost 20 years and was beyond ready to be able to see on my own.

Upon my first, FREE consultation visit, I met with Dr. Shah. She was amazing. She made me feel extremely comfortable, gave me details about the procedure, and let me know that I was a perfect candidate for LASIK. We also wound up talking about many other non-eye related topics, which made me feel even more comfortable with her.

The day of my LASIK surgery, I wasn’t very nervous, but the staff took such great care of me! I met Dr. Liegner first thing, and he was great. He was funny and easy going.. Which once again made me feel comfortable. My hand was held all the way through the procedure, the doctors in the room kept the atmosphere calm and fun, and I couldn’t feel a thing during the operation.

The follow up appointments were treated the same way. Dr. Liegner even gave me a box of chocolates (my appointment was on Valentine’s Day). The entire staff at this office was wonderful.

I highly recommend Dr. Liegner and his staff to anyone looking for a LASIK surgeon.

02/01/2014, Eye Care Northwest – 5 Stars: I’ve had cataract surgery on both eyes.  One about 3 years ago and the other last week.  Both were completed perfectly, 100% pain-free, and my vision is 20/20 without glasses or contacts.  I highly recommend Dr. Liegner and his staff.