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2/27/2016, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 4 Stars: Two years ago, I had my first cataract extraction done on my left eye, by an out of area doctor using the Femto Laser method who came highly recommended. I had a Tecnis multi-focal lens implanted, and needed to put drops in my eyes for 30 days following surgery. The experience was good, but I found the travel was inconvenient, the drops a hassle and the time it took for my eye to clear and adjust longer than I expected. Additionally, I had a feeling of scratchiness in the eye for a couple of days and was told my eye looked slightly swollen. That afternoon I received a call from a staff member, asking me if all was ok. Within a week all sensation of the scratchy feeling had gone, but the drops continued on for 3 additional weeks. Within a months everything was back to normal and sight was great! Last month I needed my right eye done and decided to have Dr. Liegner preform the surgery. He had come highly recommended. He used the traditional method of extraction with his dropless technique implanting a Tecnis multifocal lens. I found my recovery was much quicker, so much so, that within a day I was completely forgetting that I had the surgery done the day before… no scratchy feeling, no swelling. Within hours, I was feeling and seeing out of the eye clearly. That evening Dr. Liegner personally called to see how I was doing! The next morning I went to work, completed 8 hours of design work on the computer. It was like nothing had been done to the eye, except for the fact that my sight was great now. Overall both surgeries went well, but I feel that my overall satisfaction and quality of complete experience as well as overall costs were all superior with Dr. Liegner. As a designer my eyesight is critical. I put quite a bit of time researching and comparing the two methods, both from an expense as well as a success point of view and after a month can honestly say my experience at Eye Care NorthWest and Dr. Liegner was the superior of the two surgeries overall. I could not be happier!

11/09/2015, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 4 Stars: Dr Liegners expertise begins with the prescription for lenses needed in cataract surgery. This results in vision which, in my case, allowed for no further need of eyeglasses. The procedure was clearly explained prior to surgery, which was painless. Dr Liegners manner is professional, yet friendly. He is able to put the patient at ease and confident that she will be given exceptional individual care.

10/26/2015, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 4 Stars: NO DROP CATARACT SURGERY!! Add in an expert eye surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey T. Liegner of Eye Care Northwest in Sparta NJ, plus state of the art facilities, both at his offices and surgery center plus a staff of professionals who from the day of my first appointment, to the day of my surgery, to the follow up visits were kind, caring and never minded answering all my questions. Appointments are quick and easy to make and wait time in the office is minimal. There were no surprises- because they even do a sit down with you prior to the surgery and go over every step for the surgery and post-op instructions; giving lots of opportunity to ask any questions. I was scared but always felt I was in very capable hands from start to finish. When Dr. Liegner had told me 8 mins for the surgery- well to be honest I thought, “sure, we’ll see”…but yes it was. He is really that good at what he does. Fast, painless and did I mention NO DROPS! As the genius behind this dropless surgery, Dr. Liegner, is an expert in the procedure and my excellent outcome is proof. I had my left eye done 3 years ago at another physicians practice using the traditional drops and more drops and more drops etc etc etc. I truly have no idea how all the drops stayed in my eye; they mostly ran down my face. That was the day of surgery. There had been lots of drops leading up to the surgery too. This was then all followed by complicated instructions of post-op drop administration. Yup more drops of which I ran out because, I mean really, who ever gets those drops in the first time. So I ended up spending a lot of extra money because insurance doesn’t pay for a refill because you missed your eye. Eye Care Northwest and Dr. Jeffery T. Liegner is most definitely the state of the art, caring, professional, no-stress, why-did-I-wait- place and doctor you want to go to for your eye care needs.

3/28/2015, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 4 Stars: Extremely professional, friendly, knowlegable and skilled with a great supporting staff.

1/21/2015, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 5 Stars: Two years ago I had the same procedure with an another doctor and I though it was a job well done . Then I went to Dr Liegner and was I impressed. From the moment I walked into his office Just was made to feel comfortable from the setting of the waiting area to the staff to the Dr. all was very friendly courteous and very clean. In my first visit they did everything that it took my last Dr. three visits to do, My second visit was the surgery and that was also a very comfortable setting friendly staff and a very painless procedure. All the follow up visits have been as courteous and friendly as the first. So I would highly recommend this practice Dr. Staff and all involved to anyone who is in need of eye care. Job well done and have made me a patient for life. Thank You Dr. Liegner

11/21/2014, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 5 Stars: It took me over two years to schedule an appointment because I was so afraid of anyone touching my eyes. Dr. Liegner and his staff quelled my fears, explained the procedure, answered my questions and couldn’t have been nicer. Dr. Liegner is a warn and caring individual who made me feel at ease. The procedure was astonishingly quick and pain free; no eye patches, no eye drops. I am still amazed at how clearly I can now see.

9/12/2014, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 5 Stars: I had cataract surgery performed by Dr. Liegner. I can honestly say that the entire experience was excellent! His dedication to his patients and his practice is very obvious. The staff is well trained, friendly, and always professional. Dr. Liegner confidently balances his expertise as an eye physician and his personal qualities to achieve patients that are well informed about their eye condition and the surgery. Personally, I went into surgery at the Eye Care Northwest Jersey Ambulatory Center very relaxed because I knew that I was going to be taken care of. My vision has improved to the point that wearing glasses full time will not be necessary. It is without question that I would highly recommend Dr. Liegner to family and friends.

9/12/2014, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 5 Stars: Diminished vision due to cataract’s and apprehension kept me from taking the positive step to correct my problem. Then I met Dr. Lienger. He clearly and concisely explained my options and probable outcome. I had one eye done, and followed with the other eye one week later. The entire process, from the examination, scheduling, surgical procedure and follow up care was exceptional. The professionalism demonstrated by Dr. Liegner and his entire staff has given me bright lights, colors and confidence. I thank Dr. Liegner so much and would recommend him to all.

9/12/2014, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 5 Stars: I signed up for the multifocal lens replacement after seeing my husband go through it with ease and no discomfort. Usually there is some stress involved in any surgical procedure. But not with this one. The staff were very nice and professional before, during, and after surgery. And Dr. Liegner was great, always courteous and friendly, he also called later in the evening to see how I was doing. Just a great experience all around!

9/2/2014, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 5 Stars: This was surgery for my husband for both eyes and replaced with Lifestyle lenses. No glasses afterward! That in itself is amazing. Dr. Liegner is an excellent surgeon, he made the whole experience “easy”, professional, and could I say pleasant for eye surgery. My husband is very happy with his new eyes and I will call him if I ever need this cataract surgery myself. In the meantime, I will wholeheartedly recommend Dr Liegner and his staff to my family and friends.

7/8/2014, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 5 Stars: Great experience. “I can see clearly now” song tune is non-stop in my head. New life without glasses and contacts.

6/5/2014, Jeffrey Liegner, MD – 5 Stars: My experience of having cataract surgery on both eyes, one week apart, was very positive. Dr. Liegner came highly recommended. He and his staff answered all my questions. The Anesthesiologist listened carefully to me, and explained the procedure. The facility was clean and orderly. The appointments were punctual. I experienced zero pain. Dr. Liegner called to check on me the evening of the surgeries. I am very pleased.