New Jersey Cataract Videos

Cataract Patients Discuss Cataract Surgery at Eye Care Northwest in Sparta, NJ

Watch cataract videos of real patients from Sparta, New Jersey and surrounding cities as they share their cataract eye surgery experience with Jeffrey Liegner, MD. These cataract surgery videos were captured just 24 hours after the patient had cataract surgery, and are completely unscripted and unrehearsed, so you are viewing authentic interactions.

Winifred G:  One Day After Cataract Surgery

“It is awesome.  I really can’t believe it.  Even last night, I didn’t have to use my glasses to read. The overall experience was amazing, and now I’m looking forward to having my other eye done.”

Marie C.:   One Day After Cataract Surgery

“My experience was fantastic, nothing like what I thought.  I expected pain, but I didn’t feel anything.  It was better than going to the dentist.  And thank you to Dr. Liegner for calling the night of my surgery.”

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