99% of Patients Say LASIK is equal to or better than contact lenses or glasses.

Contact lenses are convenient, but are definitely not kind to your eyes. Irritation, infection and dryness are extremely common complaints among contact lens wearers, and for many, the irritation becomes so intense that they become contact lens intolerant.

Why continue to endure discomfort, when you can have clear vision with LASIK? In a recent study, 99% of study patients reported their vision after LASIK is equal to or better than their vision with contacts or glasses, and nearly 80% reported that their eyes are now more comfortable. Importantly, this study found fewer eye infections, making LASIK safer for your eyes than long-term contact lens wear.

It’s time to end contact lens irritation. Visit Dr. Liegner for $1,400/eye LASIK and enjoy clear, comfortable, effortless vision for years to come.