Stop The Hassle of Irritating Contact Lens. Free LASIK Consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Liegner in Sparta, NJ

It’s True. Touching Your Eye Is Kind of Weird.

Let’s be honest.  Grabbing hold of that slippery piece of plastic, trying to position it properly on your finger, then actually sticking it in your eye?  Weird!  But you do this every … single … day.  Then consider the irritation while you’re wearing them; from sun, wind, water and dust.  And top it off with the cost and frustration of re-ordering each time you run out?

There’s no reason clear vision should be such a daily struggle.  LASIK is incredibly safe, our patients have outstanding results, and at $1,400/eye, LASIK is amazingly affordable.  So what’s holding you back from the easy, effortless, crystal-clear vision you long for?