Cataract Eye Surgery Using ReSTOR Lens Implants

After your cataract is removed, the replacement lens implanted in your eye will determine the quality of vision you’ll have for the rest of your life. By choosing a multifocal IOL (intraocular lens) such as ReSTOR, your dependence on glasses can be greatly reduced, allowing you to read up close, while also maintaining crisp distance vision.

The AcrySof ReSTOR multifocal lens uses patented technology similar to that used in microscopes and telescopes to improve image quality. Twelve very small, concentric circles work together to focus light for both near and distance vision. After cataract surgery and implantation of the ReSTOR IOL, patients are able to hold reading materials at a more comfortable distance, further improving clarity of vision at mid-range for tasks such as reading store labels and computer screens.

Watch the video below as satisfied patients discuss their vision results following cataract eye surgery with the ReSTOR lens implant.