Dropless Cataract Surgery

Proven Innovation That Reduces Hassle and Costs

Less Hassle, Lower Cost


“One of the hidden costs of cataract surgery has been eye drops, which can often add up to $300 per eye to the out-of-pocket costs to your surgery. Plus, the hassle of getting to the pharmacy, managing tiny bottles, and remembering to instill drops often meant patients had a hard time complying with drops two, three, or even four times per day”, says Dr. Grayson.

By combining two antibiotics and one anti-inflammatory drop into a simple injection, our patients rarely, if ever, need eye drops after their cataract surgery. It significantly reduces medication costs, and eliminates the risk they will forget to use drops as prescribed. It couldn’t be simpler, and ensures the eye has exactly the medication it needs to heal properly.

The proven formulation is delivered during your surgery, after Dr. Grayson has removed the cataract and placed a new lens implant in your eye. You’ll not even notice as it’s administered. The time-release nature of the medication keeps working throughout your post-operative period. On occasion, some patients may need a single medication delivered via drops, but this occurs less than 10% of the time. The vast majority of Dr. Grayson’s cataract surgery patients avoid drops altogether.

Cataract Surgery Now Dropless

This picture shows one of our cataract surgery patients, who had considered surgery elsewhere.  On the tray are the actual medications she was instructed to purchase.  When she heard from a friend about Dropless Cataract Surgery, she contacted us and chose Eye Care Northwest for her surgery.

We recognize you choose an eye surgeon based on skill and results, and we don’t expect dropless cataract surgery to be the primary reason you’ll trust Dr. Grayson with your eyes.  But we think you’ll appreciate the innovation of this new treatment.  It is quickly becoming the new standard of care in cataract surgery.

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Dionne Warwick Dropless Cataract Surgery

Having experienced both methods, Grammy-winning artist, Dionne Warwick, found Dropless Cataract Surgery to be so much easier than administering drops after cataract surgery, that she has become an advocate on Capitol Hill to get the procedure covered by Medicare. See video.

Dionne Warwick Advocates for Dropless Cataract Surgery on Capitol Hill

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