Need Cataract Surgery? Dr. Liegner in Sparta NJ Can Help

Cataract Symptoms

Symptoms such as difficulty driving at night due to increased glare from headlights, feeling that the brightness of the sun now hurts your eyes, or even noticing that your prescription keeps changing, can all be symptoms of cataracts. Surgery is the only treatment, but advanced lens implants now allow cataract surgeons, such as Dr. Jeffrey Liegner, to deliver a fuller range of vision than has ever been available before.

You Have Choices

Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed each year, and it is also one of the safest. Once you have cataract surgery, you’ll never develop another cataract. The most important decision, second to the surgeon you choose, is the lens implant, because the lens you choose will determine the vision you’ll have for the rest of your life. Today’s advanced lens implants can help you see near through far, while spending most of your day without eyeglasses or contacts.

Dr. Liegner Can Help

Dr. Liegner is an expert cataract surgeon, trained, skilled and experienced in cataract surgery with advanced lens implants such as the ReSTOR, Tecnis, Crystalens and Toric IOLs.  Schedule your cataract evaluation with Dr. Liegner to discuss your symptoms. He’ll perform a series of thorough measurements to determine if you have a cataract and help you understand which lens implant will best suit your lifestyle and vision needs.