Cataract Surgery is Simple and Safe. Visit Dr. Jeffrey Liegner, MD

Cataract surgery is simple, safe and effective. And advanced lens implant choices can provide a full range of vision, helping you see like you did 30 years ago.  Don’t let poor vision hold you back any longer.


Modern cataract surgery is an out-patient procedure, virtually painless, and vision recovery after cataract surgery is quick. You’ll be amazed at how easily both daytime & nighttime vision can be restored.  Cataract surgery – the only treatment for cataracts –  involves the removal of the eye’s deteriorated, cloudy natural lens ( cataract ), and replacing it with a clear lens implant. Your lens implant choice determines the vision you’ll have for the rest of your life.


The good news is that today’s lens implants are incredibly advanced, allowing cataract surgeons, such as Dr. Jeffrey Liegner, to deliver a fuller range of vision after cataract surgery than was ever possible before.  Most of our patients who choose advanced lens implants – such as the TECNIS lens implant, TECNIS Symfony lens implant, ReSTOR lens implant, and Crystalens lens implant – spend most of their day without needing eyeglasses or contacts, even for near tasks.

Don’t suffer with compromised vision. Schedule your cataract evaluation with Dr. Jeffrey Liegner so he can help you understand which lens implant will best suit your lifestyle and vision needs.