Dr. Jeffrey Liegner Celebrates 22 Years of Cataract Surgery in Sparta, NJ


Dr. Liegner Celebrates 22 Years of Cataract Care! 

Experienced cataract surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Liegner, has been restoring clear vision to Sussex County for 22 years. That’s right, 22 YEARS! Through all the advances in cataract removal in the last two decades, Dr. Liegner is more excited than ever to be a cataract surgeon in Sparta NJ. That’s because with today’s cataract surgery, it’s now possible to restore a broad range of vision, near through distance, without glasses or contacts.

The spectacle-free vision we can help you enjoy after cataract surgery is better than ever in the history of ophthalmology.  Schedule your cataract evaluation with Dr. Liegner today!